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Living Life Through The Newsroom

The stellar cast of The Newsroom

The stellar cast of The Newsroom

As some of you know, my latest TV obsession is The Newsroom. I first read about this program leading up to the launch of Series 1 last year. I taped each week’s episode, but just never had the time to watch them. Eventually the recording box reached it limit and the still unwatched season of The Newsroom was deleted to make room to record something else that I probably would never get to see either.

Anyway, one day last week while I was sick I stumbled upon a re-run marathon of all the episodes which I taped and watched without delay. Ten minutes in to Episode 1 and I was hooked. And then things just got better and better.

Like millions of people around the world, I was previously a West Wing-aholic and remain a big fan of Aaron Sorkin’s storytelling. He is the master of a slow, dramatic build of the issue of the moment, told through intense dialogue between quirky and imperfect yet admirable characters. The crescendo seems to envelope everyone involved in different, compelling ways, followed by a resolution that always seems satisfyingly right – no matter your political or moral ideals.

The Newsroom has all this – scandal, romance and intrigue mixed with the unravelling of characters and relationships, and all while the audience is schooled on the social, economic and political headlines that have dominated world news in recent times.

I love the acting, particularly from Jeff Daniels (Will) and Alison Pill (Maggie) who I believe are the stand outs in a stellar, intergenerational cast.

My love of the news goes back to my youth where I dreamed of being a television journalist. I went to university, I studied media, practiced my presentation and delivery and got all the experience I could for a girl with no connections in the field.

Sadly my dream was not to be, the space filled instead with other unexpected and amazing twists and turns of life, love and adventure. But through The Newsroom I can live my dream and imagine how things might have been. So thanks Aaron Sorkin and thank you Hollywood …

PS: OK, so let me interrupt that potentially vomit-worthy ode to Hollywood to tell you that I have now watched Episodes 1 and 2 of The Newsroom Season 2 and it is great, but different. The storylines seem to be rolling over from episode to episode which is heightening the drama, relationships are changing and something’s gonna blow?! Catch up and keep watching.

In Australia The Newsroom is shown on Showcase on Foxtel or pick up the DVD of series one in store now.

Have you watched The Newsroom? What do you think?

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