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Making Dreams Come True

What's your dream?

What’s your dream?

I posted a video today on www.straightshooter.com.au. It’s a presentation by Darren Rowse from ProBlogger. Click through to check it out, but careful…it might make your dreams come true.

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Show and Tell Online

Show and Tell OnlineI love it when I find a new website that brings me ideas and inspiration just when I need it.

Show and Tell Online has news, food and interviews that will make you smile and feel good.

Go to On the Couch for some great videos about fantastic women who are doing their thing and sharing their stories.

Some of these women (including co-founder of Show and Tell Online, Monty Dimond) were at Clare Bowditch’s Big Hearted Business Conference which I was lucky enough to attend earlier this year in Melbourne. This event was the true gift that keeps on giving.

I hope you enjoy Show and Tell Online.

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