Leah Taylor

I smile – a lot. People who know me will tell you this. When you look at me, I have a happy face and what cheesy, old-fashioned authors might call a ‘sunny disposition’. I love listening to and telling stories – especially happy ones. I am an optimist – a modern-day Pollyanna who always tries to see the best in people and situations.

But let’s face it – I’m not perfect. People who know me well have also seen me at my worst – in moods, with a temper, frustrated, exhausted, depressed and sad. I am certainly not immune to dark times. But when I can and when I am ready, I remind myself of all that is good in my life.

I have a fantastic husband and three bright and energetic school aged kids. We have a lovely, low maintenance dog, a gorgeous home and two cars in the driveway. We have a huge extended family that is an endless source of action and entertainment. We live in the northern suburbs of Melbourne in a vibrant community bursting with local talent and creativity. We enjoy great coffee and food. I get to shop and play and talk and just be with a fantastic group of friends that help me through all the joys and challenges of our daily family life.

I have made changes in my life that allow me the space to be happy. I am mindful of and grateful for this happiness. This blog forces my hand to continue in this happy space. To do my part everyday to make my little piece of the world as happy as possible. To add my life lessons and stories to the global push for happiness. To remind myself and others that with a bit of thought and reflection happiness is an achievable state of being.


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