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Just Write

keep-calm-and-just-write1. Because I’m sitting here and I can and I feel like I need to.

2. Because this week three people asked if I was writing and three out of three times I cringed.

3. Because I’ve caught up on all my favourite tv shows – my favoured form of procrastination.

4. Because things and thoughts need to be laid out to be seen and processed and sorted.

5. Because unlike when I speak, when I write I can edit and delete.

6. Because space and time and discipline that have been missing for a while eventually need to be forced to be found.

7. Because then something happened today that differed from every other day.

8. Because I will know that something was created and something was said.

9. Because it doesn’t actually matter if it matters to anyone else or if I am heard.

10. Because everything else is for everyone else, but this is just for me.



Ten Reasons Why These Floating Camellias Make Me Smile

Floating camellias

Floating camellias

1. When I was a little girl, my grandmother had a gorgeous, big camellia tree near her back door. Each year it was laden with bright, layered flowers – so many that at full flourish there was more pink than green to be seen.

2. I vividly remember how Grandma would pick a handful of blooms and float them in a bowl as a centerpiece for the dining table at family mealtimes.

3. Once I was grown up and had my own garden, camellias were a must have item. Over the years my small camellia trees have survived extreme heat and bracing cold as Melbourne’s radical seasons pass.

4. The fact that one bush has just bloomed is a welcome sign that this long, cold winter is about to break. Warmth is well overdue.

5. The irresistible colour and life of the flowers have tempted me out to eat my lunch in the sunshine for the first time in months.

6. My daughter shares my love of camellias.

7. On the weekend, as we were preparing for guests, we carefully cleaned the delicate fish bowl vase – a wedding gift that after a dozen years is still intact and put to regular use.

8. She skipped out to choose and pick the blooms. She treated them with such love as she gently dropped them into the water.

9. Now, she sits at the bench and possessively and protectively wraps her little arms around the globe and stares at the rosy treasures enclosed. She’s left lots of little fingerprints on the glass.

10. So now my daughter will have lovely and lasting childhood memories about camellias too.

What about you? Do you have childhood memories of flowers?

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Making Dreams Come True

What's your dream?

What’s your dream?

I posted a video today on It’s a presentation by Darren Rowse from ProBlogger. Click through to check it out, but careful…it might make your dreams come true.

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Pause and Reset

pauseToday is Monday – the start of another work week. Today is also the day I start my new weekly schedule. I’m half way through Day 1 and everything is on track. Wish me luck as I try to keep up this momentum.

As a Mum and a wife and a business owner and a writer and a friend and a daughter and all the other things I am, it’s very easy for me to get swallowed up with everything that is going on for everyone around me and to forget what I really need to be and to achieve.

So last Friday as I lamented that yet another week had rushed by with little time left for me to progress my plans, I knew I needed to pause and reset.

I used one of my favourite methods of organisation – the blank page technique (click through to read more about this).  Within minutes I could see space on the page. I could visualise how I could fit everything in. I felt relieved that everything was actually possible. I had taken back control of my time.

So this morning it seemed OK to sleep in for 15 minutes more. I completed my morning tasks calmly – you know, with actual time to breathe. I had a healthy, leisurely lunch and a lovely coffee. And now I sit at my computer – right on schedule – writing this post for you all.

Sometimes I just need to pause and reset to find peace and recharge so I can manage my busy life.

What about you? Do you need to pause and reset?

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Show and Tell Online

Show and Tell OnlineI love it when I find a new website that brings me ideas and inspiration just when I need it.

Show and Tell Online has news, food and interviews that will make you smile and feel good.

Go to On the Couch for some great videos about fantastic women who are doing their thing and sharing their stories.

Some of these women (including co-founder of Show and Tell Online, Monty Dimond) were at Clare Bowditch’s Big Hearted Business Conference which I was lucky enough to attend earlier this year in Melbourne. This event was the true gift that keeps on giving.

I hope you enjoy Show and Tell Online.

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The Universe Provides

$10The other day I was out with my son. We had a quick lunch then went to the newsagent to grab some mags (magazines are an addiction I fear I have passed onto my kids) and a sneaky little chocolate bar for the afternoon ahead. There were a handful of people waiting for service from the one busy lady behind the counter. She patiently dealt with questions and tallied up purchases. It was our turn. ‘That’s $20.40 thanks’ she said and I handed over the money, turned to leave, then stopped. ‘I think she overcharged me’, I said to my boy and we both looked around to the counter that was still swarming with customers. Was $8.00 worth another lengthy wait? We let it go and moved on with our shopping.

The next day I was drinking coffee in the sunshine at my local cafe. An elegant older lady came up behind me. ‘You have too much money’, she said. The caffeine had not yet kicked in so I was not so sharp at this point. ‘Pardon?’ I said. ‘You are throwing your money away’ she added and she leant down under my table to retrieve a $10 note below. ‘Here you are’ and she placed the note beside my coffee cup and returned to her table.

Now this is where the moral dilemma kicks in. I wish I was the type of person who could just take the money and run without looking back, but I am naturally of the ‘goody-two-shoes’ persuasion.

‘That’s not my money’ I said to my donor and her companion. ‘I might hand it in to the cafe or could I pay for your coffees?’ She laughed kindly. ‘Don’t be silly’ she said. ‘Buy yourself a coffee today and tomorrow!’ And that was that.

Of course I stewed over the decision as I sipped my cappucino. In the end I took the money and paid for my coffee – that day and the next.

Short-changed one day and a small windfall the next. The synergy of these experiences made me smile.

What would you do? Would you take the money?