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BIG HAPPY v small happy

happyHere is a great article I read recently in The Huffington Post written by Nataly Kogan, Co-Founder and Chief Happiness Officer, Happier, Inc. – what a title!

In life and work I’ve always been a great believer that if a task seems too big and overwhelming, start by breaking it down into manageable sized chunks. In my experience, just this process alone brings a great sense of relief and purpose.

Have a read and let me know what you think – 3 Things I Learned About How to be Happier.


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The Pursuit of Happiness – Change Your Career and Change Your Life

Are you looking for a change in your career? This article might be just what you need to read.

So many of the points made resonated with me. I am certainly happier since I gave up my corporate career to have more family time and to start my own business Straight Shooter Marketing.

Enjoy The Pursuit of Happiness – Change your career and change your life.

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