Just Write

keep-calm-and-just-write1. Because I’m sitting here and I can and I feel like I need to.

2. Because this week three people asked if I was writing and three out of three times I cringed.

3. Because I’ve caught up on all my favourite tv shows – my favoured form of procrastination.

4. Because things and thoughts need to be laid out to be seen and processed and sorted.

5. Because unlike when I speak, when I write I can edit and delete.

6. Because space and time and discipline that have been missing for a while eventually need to be forced to be found.

7. Because then something happened today that differed from every other day.

8. Because I will know that something was created and something was said.

9. Because it doesn’t actually matter if it matters to anyone else or if I am heard.

10. Because everything else is for everyone else, but this is just for me.



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