For those who say ‘Movies are not real life, you know.’

popcornFor me, a great movie is one that holds a mirror to my face and forces me think about my own life. I appreciate a film where the lesson resonates deeply and sticks with me through time, repeating and repeating as needed so I remember that I am not alone when life gets extreme.

Now I can find meaning and reflection in just about any film and am addicted to the potential each new story offers. When I enter the cinema I have expectations of inspiration. As the opening credits roll, I will the film to have the power to sweep me up in its mission, to captivate me in its layers and make me fall hard in love with its characters.

I love the penny-drop moments that come mid-experience at the movies and those that arrive later. I love to wrestle with and talk through the themes and ideas contained in each piece. I love to take sides and try the emotion on for size, then swap sides and see how that feels for a while. I love to have a physical reaction to a story – a gripping anxiety, a teary tug of joy, chest-crushing fear or disappointment so thick and cloying it makes me want to spit.

I love how film can change my views on the world, sometimes totally demolishing long held perspectives and filling the space with new, exciting and challenging ideals. I love watching a film at one age, then re-watching that film some years down the track to see if my reaction to the event is newly coloured by my age and stage and matured impressions.

In the past few weeks I’ve seen a lot of films and have taken something from each and stored them away in my mental self-help guide for future reference.

Movies are not real life, you know. But they sure can make life more real.

How much do you love films?


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