Perfect Pho

Beef Pho from Lam Lam in Northcote

Beef Pho from Lam Lam in Northcote

It’s been very chilly in Melbourne lately. Despite the cold, life continues to set a cracking pace. So after an early start this morning, by midday I was obsessed with the idea of noodle soup to warm me and wake me up.

I headed to one of my favourite local Vietnamese restaurants, Lam Lam in High Street Northcote, for a Chicken Pho (Pho Ga). This light and fresh soup is simple, steaming goodness that works its magic from your sinuses through to your stomach. It is satisfying, healthy and cheap – perfect and reliable for a quick lunch to perk you up ready to face the second half of your day. Choose chicken, beef or a combination of the two, add beansprouts, mint, lemon and chilli to taste. It’s all sorts of yum!

I loved my lunch so much and gobbled it up savouring every slurp. Some days I can’t possibly get through all the silky rice noodles, but today was not one of those days. If I could have tipped and licked the bowl I would have – but that would have been a very bad look.

Of course in the comfort of my own dining room, such social graces are easier to overlook. So very soon I will be trying this recipe for Chicken Pho and I can guarantee not a bit will be wasted.

Have you tried pho? Where is your favourite pho restaurant? Have you tried to make it at home?


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